Kim Kardashian Video Game Making Millions – The York Daily Record

why … WHY? The New York Daily News reports that serious gamers have ripped Kardashian’s game as vapid, for allowing cartoonish avatars to “live like Kim” while partying, shopping and posing for photos. Forbes magazine estimates Kardashian made $28 million in the past year. Only in America.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Divorce? New Report Claims Kim Is ‘Miserable’ With Kanye

She begins every sentence with Kanye thinks so and so, and Kanye wants this and that. There seems to be a lack of playful banter between Kim and Kanye, and laughter. By all appearances, Kim looks like she has it all a perfect husband, and a beautiful daughter but the light and joy in her eyes is gone. Kim Kardashian has been divorced twice so far. She and Kanye have been together for a couple of years, living with their daughter, North, 1, at Kims mothers house. If things didnt go haywire between them by now, they likely have serious staying power.

Kim Kardashian Unhappy and Pregnant With Baby No. 2: Report

Not actually famous, just fake app famous. You do this by buying goofy clothes, getting clingy with other celebrities, getting fans for doing absolutely nothing meaningful, and — of course — by spending real-world money on in-app “Star Packs” in order to do these things. It’s about as much of a “game” as filing your taxes would be if that activity somehow included poorly-drawn cartoon characters. The app appears to be quite the addictive experience, as many of the App Store reviews bemoan the impact the game is having on users’ bank accounts. Tracie Morrissey from Jezebel knows this feeling Kim Kardashian tape watch well, having recently admitted to blowing a whopping $500 on in-app purchases.

Kim Kardashian is one of the four horsemen of the App Store apocalypse | TUAW: Apple news, reviews and how-tos since 2004

A report in the July 28 issue of Life & Style magazine saysKardashian, 33, is pregnant with her and husband Kanye Wests second child. The amount she has been eating recently has people sure shes pregnant again, an unidentified family friend told the magazine. Shes usually careful about what she eats. Kim has gained weight and she knows it. While insiders are already buzzing the Keeping Up with the Kardashians figure is with child, those close to the E! reality star claim she isnt happy about her summer pregnancy. She wanted to get pregnant in the winter when she could hibernate, a source said. So why the desire to wait?

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