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Send Thanks! A link has been sent. Done View gallery . Kim Kardashian has been married to Kanye West longer than she was hitched to Kris Humphries.

Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner in Ibiza 2014 | Pictures | POPSUGAR Celebrity

The adorable photo already has over 600,000 likes. (MTV) Aside from the joys of being a mom to her one-year-old, Kim K recently revealed just Kim Kardashian sex video watch how much she loves to cuddle. “I love being a mom! It’s the most rewarding feeling! I really love every phase!

Kanye West Wins Coinye Lawsuit | Vibe

Yeah, those last ones were a little icky. Check out a few of the escapades in Bieber’s caption-less party photos, some of which were posted multiple times in the middle of the night. Bieber might be underage in the U.S., but in Ibiza the legal drinking age is 18. Photo/Video credit: Getty Images

The crypto-currency, who appropriated Kanye West’s name and image for the digital coinage, has lost the legal battle against the almighty Yeezus, according to legal documents filed July 22 in New York, obtained by Billboard . Earlier this year, ‘Ye issued a cease-and-desist letter to the seven anonymous Coinye creators, calling it a “trademark infringement. The logo bears Kanye’s likeness, with the rapper rocking his College Dropout era sunglasses and styled caesar cut. The coders reportedly came from around the world, including the U.S., China, The Netherlands, New Zealand, and Slovakia. One defendant named in West’s legal letter, 17-year-old UK citizen Harry Wiliis, appears more flattered by the circumstances. “Ive never had anyone try to sue me before, let alone an A-list celebrity.” Willis told Ars Technica . “We didnt win but weve cost Mr.

Radar Online | Kim Kardashian Tells Kanye West She Wants To Adopt Thai Orphan

Meanwhile, Kim paid tribute to Riccardo with a throwback picture taken at her wedding as a group of men helped her get into the extravagant dress Riccardodesigned for her. After Kanye took center stage and performed, the newlyweds headed back to their bedroom, where Kim took an hilarious selfie showing Kanye sleeping in the background. “Side chicks be like….,” Kim captioned it. Kim, Kendall, and Kris arrived in Ibiza on Friday, but Justin’s been grabbing headlines at the popular celebrity destination all week. On Tuesday, Justin and Orlando Bloom had an argument while partying with pals, a video of which has since gone viral. Justin’s rumored involvement with Orlando’s ex wife Miranda Kerr in 2012 and Orlando’s outing with Justin’s ex Selena Gomez in April were reportedly the catalysts for their heated exchange .


PHOTOS: 14 Single Stars Who Have Adopted Children Also on the episode, Brody went berserk when a man at a bar touched his sister Kendall Jenner inappropriately. When the two went to the Thailand resorts bar, Kendall whispered to Brody about the other patron sitting on a stool, Brody, that guy just grabbed my a**. Did you f*cking touch my sister? Are you f*cking kidding me, bro? the mercurial man candy barked at the creeper, hitting the guy in the head and knocking the glasses off his face. They got into a scuffle and the unidentified man was shoved away by security, while Khloe Kardashian applauded Brody. PHOTOS: Kardashians In Krisis: 17 Scandals That Rocked TVs First Family But the scene was disturbing for another reasonmodel Kendall, just 18, appeared to have a glass of white wine in front of her while hanging out with Khloe, Brody, and Brandon.

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